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Since visiting Argentina in October 2019, I toyed with the idea of writing some dances associated with the places I visited.  I wrote two dances to teach at the workshop in the St Andrew's Presbyterian Church Hall in Buenos Aires.  This was such a wonderful holiday filled with so many amazing experiences that having time on my hands during the Covid-19 lockdown, I was inspired to write more.  The results of my effort are in this book.
James Stott August 2020
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A lot of the tunes in my book have been written by me and dedicated to members of my family who sadly died of various types of cancer.

The proceeds raised from the sales of my book and CD will be donated to various cancer charities.  Some of the tunes are dedicated to members of Buenos Aires Scottish Country dancers in Argentina.

Check out In the Sunlight of Nikko which was inspired by my invitation to teach at Nikko, famous for Toshogu Shrine, in May 2019.  In The Sunlight of Nikko collection can be found here 

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